Restricted and Prohibited Items

Restricted and Prohibited Items – Do Not List The Following Items will remove any listing that contains the following items:
Adult Only – material or products intended for adults only
Animals or Pets of any type.
Art & Artifacts that are protected under federal laws.
Contracts in which the seller is not permitted to sell because he or she has a contractual obligation to a third party. Please read any contracts to ensure the right to sell the item is not prohibited.
Copied software
Copyrighted items & replicas
Cosmetics – used
Counterfeit currency
Drug paraphernalia
Electronic equipment that is unlawful according to Federal Communications Commission law.
Electronic surveillance Equipment intended for telephone bugging, wiretapping or any type of eavesdropping in which conversations may be heard or tapped without prior knowledge or approval.
Embargoed goods from countries in which the U.S. has placed sanctions to restrict or regulate trade or importation.
Firearms, ammunition or any other weapons
Gas or oil
Hazardous Items
Human bodies and body parts
Narcotics or Controlled Substances
Non-public, non-vintage official government documents, identifications, licenses or official government uniforms
Prescription and non-prescription medications or drugs
Property with removed or masked serial numbers
Radio transmitters
Recalled items. All manufacturers recalled items are prohibited from being listed.
Stocks & bonds
Stolen property